Our Services

Ship products directly to us. We can place an online order from your favorite store and have it sent directly to us, or give our address to the manufacturer you’re working with.

• Inspection
Free with prep orders, we can check for quality issues.
• Bag & Tag
• Inserts
We can drop in manuals, marketing inserts, and more.
• Bundling
Combine items into a single bundle at affordable rates.
• Custom Services
No prep is beyond us. We’ll get the job done at a fair price.

• Short Term Storage
Store your products while you work out the details to make your products live.
• Long Term Storage
Avoid Amazon’s long term storage fees with our significantly lower rates.
• Custom Services
Send your Amazon returns directly to us, and we will forward them to you.

• FBM and Forwarding
All direct fulfillment shipments are subject to a $3.00 service fee PLUS our carrier negotiated shipping cost.
• Forwarding
No prep needed? We can accept your shipment and redirect it to Amazon.


Prices and Plans

Online Arbitrage
50-200 items _________/  $1
200-1000 items _______/$0.8
Set/Bundle__________  / $2
FNSKU Labeling
Suffocation Warning Labels
Sticker Removal
Expiration Labels
Outbound Boxes
All Included
Private Label Standart
100-500 items________/$0.8
500-1000 items_______ /$0.7
Set/Bundle __________/$1.8
up to 6 items
Sticker Removal
FNSKU Labeling
Suffocation Warning Labels
Expiration Labels
Damaged Item Handling
Outbound Boxes
Minimum 100 items!
Premium 1K+
1000-5000 items_______/$0.5
5000+ items           _______/$0.4
Set/Bundle 1к+ items ____/$1.4
Inspection +$0.5
FNSKU Labeling
Sticker Removal
Expiration Labels
Outbound Boxes
Marketing Inserts +$0.20
* Individual Pricing
Storage 2 months min.
Stock Replenishment
Removals consolidation
Long Time Storage
Short Time Storage
Same Price All Year Long
Last Month for FREE**
Storage fees cheaper than Amazon
**For more than 6 months Storage

Advantages of working with us

Multilingual communication
We speak: Russian, Romanian, Belorussian, Ukrainian.
Accepting all Payment Methods
PayPal, Payoneer, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or any other form of payment that best suits your needs
Fast and easy process
Once your shipment arrives at our warehouse it usually take 24 – ¬48 hours to ship it off to the fulfillment center of your choice.
We are located in close proximity to multiple Amazon general fulfillment warehouses, oversize warehouses, and redistribution warehouses. Several are within one day using UPS or Fedex ground shipping.
We can buy goods for you from Wholesalers and Distributors all over the United States

About Us

Prep and Pack is a full service Amazon prep and ship company that is able to receive your inventory on your behalf, store your products, prep them according to Amazon’s strict guidelines, repackage them safely and ship all inventory to their respective Amazon fulfillment centers all over the US. Our goal is to provide exceptional service to all our clients, allowing you to focus on the sourcing of new products and private label opportunities - feeling reassured that Prep and Pack will take care of the rest. We stands alone as one of the top-performing prep and ship companies by offering a seemingly endless menu of services with extraordinary customer and product care. From Receiving all the way to Shipping, each product that passes through our warehouse is treated as gold.


George Balas

Working with this prep for one year and I love it. Did some investigating and decided to work with Prep&Pack. Unable to find any reason why I wouldn't any longer)) I contacted Valentin for any 'troubleshooting', or even just get his own opinion. In my opinion Prep&Pack is good team, good business - stable sales ...подробней

Anastasia Leonova

They understand how passionate I am about my business and are willing to work with me to grow it. I have moved thousands of units through their warehouse without a single issue.Their prices are very reasonable when compared to other facilities. Great service.Thank you

Stan Alexandrovich

Being not new in this business and dealing with various prep centers,i highly recommend Prep and Pack.Honestly, I hate dealing with incompetent or business around, cuz it’s waste of time,so I'd like to switch anything what would make my progress down. I’m was impressed of Prep&Pack customer service. Very nice people who knows what are they talking about. ...подробней

Iliya Muraeu

They have proposed me various solutions to solve my issues, definitely they’re having a huge experience. Prep&Pack don't need control on it. They like many gears of one mechanism which run you to success ...подробней

Thomas Anderson

Prep and Pack -trustworthy company-reasonable prices-exceptional and fast service take it! you won't regret :))) ...подробней

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